Smackdown 6/28


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Now I see the reason they promoted the "fully loaded" on sunday. They made this announcement like we didn't know it was coming. Oh well july 22nd live on PPV "Invasion".
I am surprised you didn't see that coming. The promotional poster for Invasion was already released. (By the way nice job on the sig pic with it.) The graphic used for the Fully Loaded promo at the KOTR was the standard Fully Loaded logo. When was the last time they didn't have a personalized graphic for a PPV? And there was no promotional video at the end of the PPV like there always is.

As for the topic of this thread. Smackdown kicked ass. Pulumbo and O'Haire got jacked up! Haven't seen a beat down like that on WWF television in a long time. Vince must love having these young guys who don't have any stroke yet and haven't earned their dues. Name a WWF superstar who would be willing to get a beat down like that! Tazz got a beat down but how awesome was it to see him call out Austin? Reminded me of the TAZ from ECW. Only one thing wrong with RAW and Smackdown this week! Where is Lance Storm? Forget the indy dates and Stampede wrestling. He should have been in Madison Square Garden telling Vince not to blame wCw but to blame himself! Besides that a great week of wrestling!


I speak the human language
I am surprised you didn't see that coming.
Oh no I did. What I meant was, it was funny how I already got the Invasion logo in my cable bill. It was funny how they made like it was so unexpected.

As for the show. I got pumped when all the WWF stars came down to beat the shit out of Pulumbo and O'Haire, that was classic. I hear what your saying about Vince making them earn their dues. Solid point. They really got their asses whipped good. Real or not, they were hurting after that.

It was kind of cool to see Tazz re-grow some balls. Stone Cold bitch slapped him with the belt. I can't wait for the next Raw. WCW matches. It should be cool.

a great week of wrestling!
I'd say the best since Vince announced that he had bought WCW. Or Shane did. You know what I mean.
I am no doubt ordering that PPV its gonna be like the WORLD SERIES OF WRESTLING. What i always wanted to see WWF vs WCW PPV. Vince is a genius and he is giving us Fans what we have all wanted to see. This Summer for wrestling is gonna rock.
The PPV will only have one WWF vs. wCw match on it. It will either be an eight or ten man tag match. Probably an eight man elimination match. So it really won't be the world series of wrestling, more like interleague play. Fun to watch but not the seventh game of the series.
As far as this summer being great for wrestling, it will be! But what about after the summer? Vince is a genious but I think he is ruining a good thing. Ratings are dropping and Vince is reaching for his ace. His only ace left? This invasion angle (like everything else in wrestling) is just another month long program. This one might last two months but really shouldn't something as big as this have lasted past the summer?
I can think of more than one WWF vs WCW match that will happen. The Dudleys and WCW's tag-team that jumped them last night. DDP and Taker are gonna mix it up again. Shane is probaly wrestle again cause his PPV matches rock. Austin and Booker T are gonna be the main event.

HHH will be ready to return after the storylines after the summer and never count Vince out he is so creative and new stars are born everynow and then.


I speak the human language
Let's not forget about the Rock. When he gets back shit is going to get back to normal. Also if Vince can sign a Goldberg or Nash after the summer that would be awesome for ratings. He has many options. I don't believe Goldberg is done with wrestling. I really doubt he hated crowds on their feet chanting his name. That's bullshit.
Hell Yeah Mav i almost forgot about him The Rock is gonna come back to and he will get the same reaction Austin did when he came back at Unforgiven last year the fans are missing the Rock.