Smackdown 7/5

Oh shit this episode is funny as hell. Austin and Angle they should really release a video of all these segments they do cause they are fucking hilarious. I laughed my ass off when they got mad when Regal hugged McMahon.


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Bro, tell me about it. I was dying when they both got up with that shocked and jealous look on their faces. That shit was too funny. How about Angle with that hat on? Lmao.

Dude that is turning into the biggest sausagefest. They really should do one of those PPV things about this little crew that has formed between Vince, Austin, and Angle. I think it is the best comedy I've ever seen in wrestling. Well the Rock and his one liners are funny too. This is just hysterical though.

I think it's extra funny cause you would never have thought Stone cold of all people would turn into this charactor.