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This thought came to me after going through this thread--

My girlfriend is a smoker, and though she says she wants to quit, I have no problem with her doing it - matter of fact, she looks hotter when she has a sheet wrapped around her and lights a cigarette after we're in bed. The point is, even before I met her, I was always drawn to chicks who smoke - I don't do it myself, but the smell of cigarette smoke appeases me. Sometimes in a restaurant, if I'm alone, I'll even choose the smoking section if it's available.

Anybody else have a wierd characteristic like this? I feel like I should just say "fuck it" and actually start smoking, but then I see all these stories about the horrors of what it does to you, trying to quit, wasted money, etc.


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I can see where you're coming from. The smoking areas of restaurants usually have less kids yelling and running around, which is a plus. Ladies look hot in situations like that, but I'm not a fan of the cigarette breath. I have been very happy lately with the smoking ban in my town, and now the state, mostly because I can come home at the end of a night out and not have the cigarette smell on my clothes and stuff.


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If you enjoy that much, just enjoy that... NOT worth it to start smoking... but its not necessarily wierd that you like that either... I'm a pretty courteous smoker so when I have a nonsmoker friend around me and I need to smoke, I will ask them if its okay first... youd be surprised how many people tell me they actually like it! but at least you dont have to waste the money or more of your health if youre only smoking by proxy


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I smoke and I say don't start. It is the most pointless and expensive habit in the existence.

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Dude, you know I smoke. Don't start. Not worth it. Keep your health as clean as it is right now.