Snowmobiler Caleb Moore dies following injuries suffered during crash at Winter X Games


Oh my god. The last 10-15 seconds of that video are shocking. It came down right on his head.


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Crushed his heart and brain I believe.



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Why the hell would his brother still ride after than crash? Separated pelvis doesnt sound like much fun either but I guess he is still alive.

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Sad. Shit is so crazy.... didn't want to watch, but damn you could tell at the end of that the commentators really knew it was bad.

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Pfft. I saw Jason Ellis do that with a beer in his hand.


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Looks like it damaged his heart, but it was still working enough that he was able to get up and walk away. But I'm sure there were complications and they noticed how bad it was when they checked his vitals. On top of the concussion...the damaged heart likely screwed up bloodflow to the brain as well, so I'm sure he had numerous unrecoverable issues with the heart and brain.

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1 of the best tricks ever

Caleb Moore's kick ass tandem backflip with his brother. RIP Caleb.



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That's fucked up. I've been watching Caleb do fmx on quads since he was 16 riding for Hbomb and Axkriaks. He was real good.


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I saw some of the wimmens jumping around on skis competition last weekend. One of them did a back plant on the edge of a hill and neatly snapped her neck. She couldn't move anything south of her chin. Took a long time to drag her off and all the other gals were weepy, then the ref shouted play ball. First one down the hill crashed. Second crashed. 3rd made it, 4th crashed. Then after a while one slid into the fence and snapped a femur and there was another long weepy delay. And now they are allowed in combat?


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Just watched the video. Wow yeah he didn't hit that jump fast enough cause him to under rotate. He should of known it wasn't gonna work when he came off the ramp (when you do stuff like this you know if you're gonna make the landing as soon as you're in the air. I had to pull the eject handle on my quad plenty of times and bailed. Being off by just a mph is the difference between landing and crashing


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When your helmet looks like a crushed is never a good thing......and the whole mechanics of that accident....if he was allowed to walk off....I can see there being a huge lawsuit against the Xgames and the medical staff they contracted to cover the event.