SNV 7/28: Erock Radio!!!! & Storytime with Francine!!!!


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For this week's Saturday Night Virus on July 28th, we will be having two of the most famous people from the Opie and Anthony show: Erock & Francine.

From 8 to 9 PM (EST) or 5 to 6 PM(PST):

On the Musical Adventure Hour, Erock will present his choice of music that we can use to dance on a stripper's pole, wear a doddie hat, and do montages to.

From 9 to 12 AM (EST) or 6 to 9 PM (PST)

On this Saturday Night Virus is the return of the lovely and silly Francine!

Francine's show is a mixture of her flirtatious views and her very funny personal experiences as a young women. Francine's last show included objects she has had sex with,

Call 866 WOW 1 WOW durring her show if you want to participate.

Erock's MySpace
Francine's MySpace



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God I love Francine. I don't think I ever laughed as hard in my life as I did at her miscarriage story.

Benny Fatcox

francine is boring


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Francine was silly, hot and interesting.