SNV 9/15: Than & Sam!!!

Than and Sam are the undisputed tag team champions of 202...if you don't count that morning show...or those guys that do middays.
Seriously though I love the than & sam show.Long live Tony the asshole eater and craig the cunt.
Catch it.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand apparently I'm the only one lookin forward to the show saturday.


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I will be listening.


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love the Than and Sam goodness


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Screw those two attention whores . . .:icon_evil

(Am I right, Erock? High Five! :icon_cool)

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I am stoked about this. Since my Sat night poker game went to shit(these guy liked to talk about Dharma and Greg cuz it was funny) I will be able to listen.


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i called last time they were on (i think it was last time) on the way back from the detroit virus show, i wanted to say that the show was awesome but they were talking about embarassing stuff you masterbate to. brx johnny asked so i just said ****, you know as a relfex, but i was on hold too long and i had to go get drunk(er)

yay than and sam!
Krisko is fuckin hot.
I'm glad other people started posting in this thread.
Than & Sam AKA Techno Team 2000 FTW!


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Crap, I guess that means they won't be at the Philly Virus show. There goes my hopes of getting a picture with them.


The Host has removed you from the game.
It's not gonna be a live show.


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Catch it. Love the Than and Sam. Sad it's pre-recorded though.


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How would one listen to it?
Its fuckin prerecorded....shit.
The Beverly brothers of 202 need to be on live god damn it.
news about Than and Sam

Word is that they'll be simulcasting on WYSP, so no dirty language.


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I listened to this week, like T+S and would listen to more T+S.


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How long does it take for them to put up a show on the site?
I got to listen to the first hour and really enjoyed it. Two of my favorite Sam lines were:

"you keep throwing that rope out to Travis and he just keeps dropping it"

"Thank you , any more of my points you'd like to prove for me?"
...which itself, wasn't very funny, but in context cracked me right the fuck up.


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I'm a huge fan of Than and Sam (STD Card holder #412), and I missed the show, unfortunately. I hope that they put it on the site tonight or tomorrow.