So, anyone here have their Gall Bladder out?


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My wife is currently laid up in the hospital and has to have her Gall Bladder out, as it produced some stones and is mucking up the works.

A lot of people I work with have family member that have gone through this-anyone here?

Serious replies only...please. No "good luck bro's" if possible would be great.
Wife had it done,quick recovery and zero problems as I recall.Not a big deal.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
my wife had it done. two three weeks, and she was back to normal, but she did have to go in and have the tube down her throte again


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what tube?


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Not trying to be a wiseass here.. but what does a gall bladder actually do? I know I know.. I could google it, but it's 5 in the morning.. I'd rather read Wackbag.

edit: who am I kidding.. I'd rather read Wackbag all day long.. doesn't matter what time it is.


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If I remember correctly, it manufactures much of the gastric enzymes (bile) responsible for the emulsification of lipids at the top of the small intestine, in conjunction with the pancreas.

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It digests stuff
The gall bladder manufactures nothing. It is only a storage organ for bile produced in the liver. Bile is not an enzymatic agent, but an emulsifying agent.

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My wife had her spleen removed a few years ago. While they were in there, the gall bladder looked a little funk, so they yanked it out too. She a little longer recovery simply because her spleen was so big it had attached itself to her rib wall and they had to scrape it off, thus bruising her ribs and muscles. See if the doc can do it laproscopically. My wife has 5 small scars on her belly instead of the stem to stern gash that usually happens.

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My wife used to have gall bladder attacks. They never deemed it bad enough to necessitate removing it. Last one was so bad she thought she was dying and made me take her to the emergency room.

That was over a year ago. I don't think she gets them anymore.


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my father had his removed a few months ago after some serious and almost fatal problems in his stomach. he recovered extremely quickly and the wounds healed very fast too, i was impressed


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Not sure if that's a dick comment or clever. I'll get back to you.

They are taking it out laproscopically tomrrow morning and she could be home as early as tomorrow afternoon. We have to make some changes in our meals and stuff but other than that, there should be no real lasting issues.

Thank to everyone for their input.


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They are taking it out laproscopically tomorrow morning and she could be home as early as tomorrow afternoon. We have to make some changes in our meals and stuff but other than that, there should be no real lasting issues.
My wife had her's removed that way and the recovery time was very quick.
The incisions were very small and she has been fine ever since.
I'm sure your wife will be fine. Best wishes to both of you.


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My grandmother had hers taken out laporoscopically 2 years ago at the age of 81. 3 days later she had everyone over to her house to host Thanksgiving. She bounced back very easily. It shouldn't be a big deal.


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My hubby had his removed. He was sore after surgery and for a few days after - the bloating of the stomach is the worst part (after surgery, she will have to keep moving to work out gas bubbles). She should be fine.

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Both Me & Jane have had ours taken out...piece of cake


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My mom got her's taken out a couple months ago for the same reason. I don't remember exactly how long it took her to recover back to normal, but it couldn't of been much longer than a week. And from word of mouth, the air they pump into you can be rather uncomfortable.


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not sure if you notice smell or not, but my ex got hers removed and her odor changed....


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Her, well, standard smell became more food odor additive when she sweated...while not a scientific study we did experiment...
We got results from:
Dandy Lion Greens
Green Tea
Earl Grey Tea
Ooolong Tea

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Hey Kugs hope all works out well for you and your wife.

It seems that from the previous posts that the gall bladder is a storage bag nothing else. Do you need to change diet if it's removed? Is diet the main cause of it's removal in the first place? Just curious.


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Yes from what I meats end up in a horrible display of anal seepage
I had mine out three years ago. Prior to having it removed if I were to get an attack, it was the worst pain I've experienced. I would be rolled up in a ball for 6-10 hours in pain and there was nothing I could do to help it go away faster. I decided that I had enough when I was in pain for 11 hours in my last attack. I was scheduled for the surgery 3 weeks later.

The risk is that they eventough you are going in for the easy (laparoscopic), you might still end up with the big scar if they cannot get to the gallbladder through your belly button. I went in the O.R. at 10am and was home by 7pm. Not much pain afterwards, you just have to worry about a hernia where they made the small incisions and not to get an infection on them. If you have it done the old fasion way, I hear the recovery is longer and much more painful.

The only changes I've noticed is if I decide to eat fatty foods, I need to be close to a terlet or you may get skid marks due to leakage. Other than that, its been 3 years of never having that awful pain when the attack occured.