So Happy I had to show the site


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Hey guys I know that I plugged my Norton fan page here but I am so happy that the fan page i did for him, I found a comedy website and I submitted the page and the accepted

Here is the link to it

I just had to share this with you guys i am so fucking happy. :D :D :D


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It looks good. :D If you said a little about him, it would be better.

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SOS I told norton i would do this webpage since the summer.he told me to send him a email for what I need and he will send it to me...then summer is now over and I got back into the mode to do the page for him,once more he said he will send some pics and a little bio and I am still waiting for it..
so lets just say it is up to Norton :)
That's a pretty neat website there. Norton must be really proud. There's a website where you can register for free and submit your site to a bunch of search engines.

Get submitted

Check it out, might be useful. I heard from a few friends that it does work. And best of all, it's free. Good luck! :)


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I saw that SOS
that shit is so messed up cause there was another actor named Jim Norton.Imbd fucked it all up.