So I got the old fucker to choke...happy now?


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so fucking around making another episode most you guys will hate, POP really did start choking on chicken at the end....but now worries, he is fine!


and our channel has reached over 250 subs and I try explaining that to Pop, but he dont get it


rate hate masturbate


Darkness always says hello.
Same shirts in both videos. Im pretty sure you are faking the choking on chicken (ugh now I get it) bit. Glad to see you went back to the well of throwing things out of the freezer, that bit seems to work well for you.

Gramps in a choke hold or GTFO.

Jacuzzi Billy

Watching PTI
Ever considered acting classes from Tommy Wiseau? "Oh, hi Superpop."


Cute but psycho, it all evens out.
Ever considered acting classes from Tommy Wiseau? "Oh, hi Superpop."
Damn, now I want to watch The Room Rifftrax. And to get it right it's "Oh hai...." Just cause of the stupid accent.



I want to fuck your girlfriend.
How is this assnuts allowed to come here post his shit videos and bash regulars?
EDIT: How have none of you ripped this asshat for ripping off his schtick from the Angry grandpa channel on youtube? He's basically a worse version of that shit.


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I would rather watch Kathy Bates scissoring Rosie O'Donnell.


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
It's really amazing how long 89 seconds can seem.


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Only acceptable outcome: homicide/suicide.