So I Got This 5 lbs of Shrimp For Christmas

They're raw, jumbo, peel and eat shrimp. Now I love shrimp, and I figured this would be something I could just check out through Google and find an easy way to cook them.

It's not that easy.

There are about 500 different recipes and 500 different opinions on what works. Broiling, boiling, deep frying with the shell on (still don't understand wtf they were saying to do), etc.

I just want nice, firm, crisp, pink shrimp that I can pull the little shells off of and dunk in some cocktail sauce and eat.



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Chink it. Stir-fried rice with shrimp. :)


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My favorite is to peel the shrimp that I am going to use and marinate them in hickory liquid smoke for about an hour then I skewer them on bamboo skewers and grill them. They are the besssssssssssssst.
Steam shrimp, chill, and then eat, peeling off the shells as you do.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
eat fast, or else your going to have 5lbs of bait
I found this Zattaran's crawfish boil mix that had a recipe on it with cooking times for shrimp.

I basically got a big 5 gallon pot and filled it half way, put in two cups of this spicy mix and I'm going to throw corn and potatoes in it like I'm making bugs.

Here's hoping I don't fuck this up too bad


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Good luck, sir. That product sounds very delicious.

Glenn Dandy

peel and devien......cook..... then freeze em... I have 2 lbs of frozen cooked peeled n Dev in my freezer right now... anytime i feel like some. i just fill a bowl with water drop some frozen ones in and in about 5 minutes their defrosted n good to go.

there shrimp they defrost in like no time at all.

Boiling this Zatarrain's shit in the house will make your sinuses feel like you've been snorting Drano for a week.


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Earl, We got any shrimp back there? I'm fucking starvin'!!!
So it was a huge success. My lips are burning, and I'm sure my ass will be later... I tricked my 18 year old brother in law into wiping his eye with the shit on his finger, so a good time was had by all. 4 of us ate the hell out of it and they were perfect.

1 minute in boiling water and shrimps be done. I now know how to cook shrimp, and I got about 3 lbs left in the freezer. (thanks for the tip Glenn)

I think I used too much of the boil though, we were daring each other to eat the vegetables like we were talking about juggling live hand grenades... Them shits was fucking nuclear.

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i do "RED HOT" hot sauce bottom of a soup bowl..... cocktail store bought on top.

who DADDY!
Nah, I got everyone beat on cocktail sauce. I'm a huge pussy when it comes to jalapeno type hot, but when it comes to horse radish/wasabi type hot I can eat that shit by the truck load.

It ain't hot enough unless I can feel the tip of my nose blowing off. My cocktail sauce is usually more of a pinkish-white than red. (Insert cock/white sauce jokes here)

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Next recipe.

Through them in a saute pan with 2 Tbs of olive oil, some garlic and some lemon juice. Very simple.

I hate strimps, but wife loves em.
I was gonna sautee them in some ZENEDGE! (The thirst mutilator), but I'm all out!


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I like 'em just in the pan. A little butter, some garlic salt, salt and pepper. Pan fry them fuckers. Then get some melted butter with lemon and salt mixed in for dipping. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Note: When eaten this way, a steak should be included.

And I never buy raw shrimp. I always get he pre-cooked stuff from the seafood counter.