So i just got an e-mail survey about XM....


Fuckin savages
and this was the final question...
Are you...?

Heterosexual (straight)
Prefer not to answer

Do you consider yourself to be a transgender individual?

Prefer not to answer

These questions are important so that we can better and more reliably report differences and similarities between people of different sexual orientations. As mentioned earlier, please be assured that your responses will be kept completely confidential, and will never be analyzed individually. Results are reported using the average, or pooled answers, of many survey participants, instead of the responses of any one individual.
Is this really what it's come to? are there enough of the population that these are the important stats?

Sinn Fein

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It's a secret plan to try and find a nice fella for Fez...


head retard
They just wanted to know, if you take it up the ass. Then they would laugh and tell you to listen to Oprah.
Probably just trying to see if its worth it to keep the gay channel when the merge with Sirius.