So Nice to See the Black Community Concerned about Important Issues


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IN 1965, Mel Dorn was a 21-year-old husband and father who had just gotten fired from his job as a spot-welder after 29 days.

"The manager told me I was the best worker he'd ever had," said Dorn.

But the company's owner didn't want to pay the union wages required if welders worked for 30 days or longer.

"I was so mad, I wanted to do something before I blew up," Dorn, now 67, said this week.

That anger led Dorn - the same day he was fired - to join a protest that famed civil-rights activist Cecil B. Moore was leading outside a bar that had refused to allow a black truck driver to make deliveries.

Moore's name is revered in North Philadelphia, Dorn said, but recently, he and other members of the Cecil B. Moore Philadelphia Freedom Fighters noticed that both SEPTA and the city have used "C.B. Moore" on buses and street signs instead of spelling out Moore's name.
I hope they all get run over by the 23 foot wide bus needed to fit the whole name.

the Streif

At least while they are complaining about this they aren't rayping white women.