Software upgrade, now I can't log in

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Anyone having this problem?

I fired up PalTalk, it said I had to upgrade. I upgraded, and now it says "unable to log in to PalTalk."



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I hate compulsory upgrades.


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system restore? it's my solution to all my computer problems...


problem with upgrade

i have one question...
i have instal and login on the platalk but when i try to go in eny of those rooms
i got this

Access to Paltalk chat rooms is limited to Plus and x-Treme Service Members
then when i go tu option upgrade i got this

An unexpected error occured. Please try again or contact Paltalk Support.

ok....probably have to pay for it but i am from east europe and paypal or other payment system does not work yet...can some one help me...
does any one know how i can log in on some other way

thank you, thank you thank you.....!


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WOW , thats a tough one . You sould probablly go to one of the help rooms.Oh Yeah , you cant , sorry. This is what they usually say:
1. uninstall paltalk
2. clear internet cache
3. disable antivirus programs (temporally)
4. download an install latest version
5. turn on antivirus software

Im not sure about non us servers but this is what they say to do here.

If you cant do any of the above , well all I can say is "Good Luck Bro"
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