Soldier's two wives meet for the first time at his funeral


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'I should get the flag not her': Battle between two wives of bigamist soldier as they meet for the first time at his funeral

  • Army Specialist Moises Gonzalez killed in Afghanistan last month
  • Married first wife in 2003 and second in Las Vegas two years ago
  • Both women sat in the front row at funeral service in California, along with a third woman who is the mother of one of his children
By Louise Boyle
PUBLISHED: 15:02 EST, 8 May 2012 | UPDATED: 21:41 EST, 8 May 2012

The two wives of a fallen soldier sat in the front row at his today funeral after it came to light following his death that he was married to both of them at the same time.

But the relationship between the two women has turned ugly after the soldier's first wife received the folded flag for Army Specialist Moises J Gonzalez - and the second accused her of coming forward just 'for the benefits'.
The 29-year-old soldier was killed in a road accident in Afghanistan on April 25. He leaves three sons - one by each of his wives and a third by another woman.

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Secrets: Both wives of Sgt Gonzalez sat front row at his funeral in California. His first wife Darlene (with blonde hair on the right) and second wife Ruth (far left). The woman in blue (center) is believed to be the mother of his third son

It's complicated: Fallen soldier Moises Gonzalez leaves behind two wives and three sons in California after he was killed in Afghanistan last month

He married Darlene Garcia in 2003 in Los Angeles and the couple had a son. In 2010, he married Ruth Bayona of Bakersfield, California, in Las Vegas with whom he also went on to have a son, Moises Jr.

Ms Bayona said that her Gonzalez had told her about his first marriage, but claimed that they had gotten a divorce.


Today, Ms Bayona, who said she wasn't even notified by the Army about her husband's death, angrily said Ms Garcia should not have received the folded flag honouring Gonzalez.

She told KGET-TV: 'This woman hasn't been in his life for years and the only reason she's coming out right now is because of the benefits.'
'I was with him during thick and thin for three years and he's not here to say anything to explain himself. I should get the flag, not her.'
The identity of the mother of his third son was unknown as was when the couple had the child.

Distraught: Ruth Bayona sits with her husband's father Carlos Gonzalez (left) at the Inglewood cemetery and speaking at Saint Matthias Catholic Church in Huntington Park

Distraught: Moises Gonzalez's first wife Darlene (right) sat with his eldest son at the funeral while an unknown woman and other boy sat beside them

Tribute: Family and friends gather at the funeral of Sgt Gonzalez in California

The wives sat together in the front pew at Saint Matthias Catholic Church in Huntington Park yesterday.
They exchanged no more than a glance and did not try to comfort each other but sat at opposite ends of the row, tending to their sons.

Garcia was too overcome with emotion following the funeral, but Bayona told Channel 17: 'I'm sad, but I know in my heart that's not him. I feel like he's still in Afghanistan, that's how I feel.'

Divided duties: Sgt Gonzalez's second wife Ruth with his youngest son Moises (left) and his first wife Darlene receives his folded flag at the cemetery

Second time around: Army Specialist Moises J Gonzalez married Ruth Bayona in Las Vegas in 2010

She told the station that she only realised that she was not her husband's only wife from another soldier, when she went to claim his body.
At the Inglewood cemetery, Sgt Gonzalez was buried near his grandparents.

Bayona sat with her late husband's father Carlos Gonzalez, who told the TV station that his son was a 'good boy', while Darlene Garcia sat separately.

The soldier's folded flag was presented to his first wife, who will also receive his Army benefits.


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