Some S yndication Whens


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
S W Earl admits that he is atleast bi.
S W Anthony stops dating very young girls.
S W Opie becomes General Manager.
S W Stinky is funny.
S W Ben has his "real" own show.
S W Rick is not liked by the gays.
S W Gay Marco gets a real job on the show.
S W Ol'Dirty gets a job.
S W Psycho Mark invades Poland.
S W Management quits(or dies).
S W Stalker Patty gets a magazine cover.
S W Lady Di and Marian leave.
S W Steve C. is on the show more than 10 seconds.
S W Limo Anthony <A HREF="">Top Notch Limo</A> gets a friend.
S W Mendi loses her fat behind.
S W D&M retire.
S W the Greaseman gets his own show(not on UPN).
S W Jay Mohr and Kelly have their own show.
S W Frank Caliendo gets famous.
S W Richard Vos and Jeff Noris are not in the same comedy club together.
S W Tom Green finally gets on the O&A show.
S W Luis Black becomes host of the "Daily Show".
S W Brian Regan insults someone.
S W Jim Cook takes it in the GM's Office.
S W Steven Lynch kills a kitten.
S W Otto and George break up.
S W Mike Denacola.... whatever.
S W Jim Norton does not like S&M.
S W John Valby knows the "real" words to all those dirty songs he made up from old songs.
S W O&A finally sign the contract!!!!


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Ill pick the last one when O n A sign the contract wha???they did??? well alrighty then.