Sony Acid Music Studio?

Does anyone here use this software? Is it any good? I have M-Audio Sessions software right now, but it keeps crashing on me. The Fast Track USB is ok for hooking my guitar or mic up to my PC, but the software seems to suck. I'm also thinking about using it to record Pearl Jam's Lollapalooza set off Ethel, so if anyone's used it for that sort of thing, did it work out ok?
I use Acid Pro 6. I've been using Acid for years now and I like it better than Sonar or CuBase for it's user-friendliness. Acid combined with Sound Forge is the best set up.
Yeah the music studio stuff will work fine for you. It's user friendly if you're new to audio editing/music composition.

Sony products all around are user friendly thinking about it now. Kudos to Sony. I have Acid Pro, Music Studio, Vegas and some of their sound effects archive. They have good stuff. I also use Adobe products though. I bounce between them but Sony is cool with integrating other programs like with Vegas. You can set it up to just use some other audio program like Adobe Audition if you want without any problems.
Cool, thanks for the replies. I downloaded a trial version of Acid from Sony's site and it seems to work pretty well. The sound quality is better than I'd been getting with M-Audio's Session software. I'll probably wind up buying this when the trial period runs out.