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i know you guys don't like talking about metallica but what the hell,

Kirk has a monthly column in Guitar world magazine called "The Sound and the Fury". He usually gives guitar lessons, but in the next issue he writes about what the next album is going to be.
Kirk said that the band is different now than when they did the Playboy interview. Kirk says, "We're not like that anymore; we've worked through all our shit, we're a lot closer, and it's a really good time to be in Metallica right now. In fact, it feels better to be in this band now than it did in the Nineties."

Then, he goes on to talk about the next album. He says that first they will write all the music, then they will find a bass player to record the bass parts. "As for what we're going to do next: well, we're just about to start work on the writing stages of the next album, and we're just going to do it as a three piece. Then, once we've got it all together and we feel like we need a bass player, that's when we'll start looking."

Also, Kirk says, "We're probably not going to record in a studio this time around either. We're tired of the atmosphere and traffic, and we're tired of the traditional approach. So we're going to spend some time researching how to do it differently. We want to find an approach we're all comfortable with and can work in without distractions. And, when we find it, I think it'll definitely change the way the new album's going to sound."

He also goes into saying that the new album will not sound like "No Leaf Clover" and "-Human", because those songs were written around Load and ReLoad. So he says that it will sound more like "I disappear". And i got all that from a metallica site.


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And Kirk also said that we suck now thanx to lars... also that we lost Jayson....not to mention we look like the Backstreetboys...
since we are pretty....also he said that he will pray to god that all us Metallica fans will love them like we use to.......

I need the old metallica with long hair and not give a flying fuck how they they use to .....ehh oh well fuck em.... ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D