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Aug 14, 2000
SOS' Recap of Next!'s Year-End Review of The Top Ten Talk Topics of 2007

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On the Next! Show on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, El Jefe and J-Dubs talked about The Top Ten Talk Topics of 2007 as well as interviewing YiChen BuddhaChrist in an entertaining and funny way. I can't do most of the jokes justice by the way.

Maybe you can catch their podcasts if you are interested in what they said.

10. Steroids in Sports
First they talked about how steroids in baseball and wrestling was given much cover even though drug use was widely known to be used. El Jefe did not seem to mind the steroid use since many people are using some sort of drug to increase their performance at work.

9. Political Correctness gone amok
They decried liberals ruining this country and their being no middle ground of ideas.
The special interests have little victories that piss everyone off. Specifically the Don Imus controversy were no one who claimed to be offended weren’t listening to Don Imus at the time of his comments led to a witch hunt. They don’t think anyone was really hurt and it was fake outrage. It peaked the ears of special interest groups who saw a way to get an easy victory. Which led to certain Asian groups being offended because of a fake Chinese phone call by JV & Elvis. Then O&A got involved. CBS & others folded and were done with the talk format because they got scared. K-Rock switching formats ruined their year( because they hoped to be on it instead of Cabbie). The point to how popular XM 202 is, the top station on XM and XM should have more stations like that with more talk.
Dog the Bounty Hunter did not expect people to hear his conversation which was directly on this topic.

8. Offbeat Gems
Baby in a microwave
The guy in his MySpace profile claimed to be a “Godly Dirt Stash”. The baby had burns and the guy pleaded insane.

Divorce encouraging billboard which said “Life is short, get a divorce” which resonated with them because of their own experiences. “No truer words “ “Life is short be happy”

Tallon aka Tardon
Heretic, High function autistic who posted on their message board was caught very publicly at Disney World because of his baby porn ways. They wished he was instead picked up at his home where they fantasize that his place was covered in Next! memorabilia and the coverage a la O&A's mention on To Catch a Predator. El Jefe & J-Dubs were on his top friends list on MySpace and they wondered if the investigation spread to them. Tallon was caught saying “I love babies” and sending 63 pictures and 2 videos. Every event he was lingering and always needed a ride. He was placed on paid administrative leave. “Saving up for a rattle tattooed on his cock”.
They have sources that claim that he was picked-up at his work to attract the greatest publicity at Disney.

The YiChen BuddhaChrist Interview

YiChen BuddhaChrist claims he fulfills a prophecy in Revelations as being the Second Coming. His website is . He claims the Bible has predicted the Protestant Reformation, Napoleon, 9-11, But for the future, God has given the people the ability to have a choice.
“I am the one to reveal the New Millennium Testament”
“Is it as something as simple as save the cheerleader, save the word?”
He finds the spirit of God in his book and the Bible.
. “Q: Does God use spell check while writing this book?
A: Not necessarily”

El Jefe thinks they are living in the End Times.

He thinks people are confusing parts of the Bible by interpreting an End Time.

“Do you think the pregnancy of baby Lyn Spears is another sign saying ok we are on the verge of collapsing as a nation?” And do you think her baby can be the Anti-Christ?”

Through his book people will learn new revelations of the word of God to apply to their daily life to find Heaven on Earth.

“I heard Heaven is a place on Earth.”

“Not yet”

Wants people to use historical testimony to certify the will of God.

“ People just believe what they want to belief and do not verify the truth.”

Lorenzo put him on a list of fake Christs.

“He put me a list or somethin?”

“He put you on a rist.”

YiChen BuddhaChrist sees his doubters as the same type of people who doubted Jesus as blastamy

“If I were you, and I was the second son, it would drive me insane if people thought that I was insane because I know I am the second son. It all lined-up in my book. .How do you keep yourself from going crazy?”

“It just doesn’t happen by ruck.”

YiChen BuddhaChrist doesn’t think that knowing the truth will drive him crazy because he knows what God wants from him and what he was born for.

YiChen BuddhaChrist watches CNN Headline News, award and talk shows.

“You can find most of this information onrine.”

YiChen BuddhaChrist believes the Iranian nuclear crisis was the top story for this year.

“YiChen do you think it is too rate for the human lace to turn it around and make our Earthly world rast?”

YiChen BuddhaChrist says it is not too late. People are looking out for their own interests and not that of the world. Says that we are all connected and that hurting another people hurts themselves.

Talk about a guy in Miami that claims also to be the second coming. YiChen BuddhaChrist says the prophecy is the certificate of authenticity from God that he is the second coming.

They talk about YiChen BuddhaChrist’s personal life with his wife. She takes care of their biblical art gallery. She met him before he found out he was the second coming of Christ. She is a little skeptical and doesn’t talk about it to other people. He hasn’t told his parents he is the second coming.

“I can see the leructancy to do that.”

Ask about what pep talk he would give to O.J. Simpson in jail. YiChen BuddhaChrist says O.J. will repent for the rest of his life.
For Barry Bonds, YiChen BuddhaChrist thinks Bonds should be honest.
For Anna Nicole Smith, YiChen BuddhaChrist thinks she died because of her bad karma.
For Britney Spears, YiChen BuddhaChrist thinks her bad behavior is causing her problems and she should start doing charity work.

By doing this interview, is a positive fortune credit for El Jefe and J-Dubs entering Heaven.

El Jefe wonders if getting J-Dubs off of drugs will help their career.

YiChen BuddhaChrist says suffering with faith gives a good fortune credit.

“I liked the last part where you told me that J-Dubs was holding me back”

YiChen BuddhaChrist listens to names and decides if that person has either more positive fortune credits or negative fortune credits.

Fez Whatley: “No he is negative. Evil person. Most evil person on the Earth and there is a bad karma.”

President Bush “In the long run he will do good to the Iraqi people cause that is one of the things prophesized in the Bible. It will bring a new Era for the Iraqi people.

Ron Bennington “He has a popular talk show I think its very good ."

On Dwane Read, YiChen BuddhaChrist thinks he has a very good fortune credits because of his faith in God.

Detroit Lions could improve their fortune credits.

YiChen BuddhaChrist’s book can be found on as well.

7. Don’t Call it a Comeback
O.J Simpson comes back to the headlines for stealing merchandise.

The noose made its comeback with the NYU professor and a southern old timer hanging one in his lawn.

People confuse offensive will illegal.

6. The Deaths
Anna Nicole Smith
Jerry Fallwell which was described as being an iconic figure of being a bigot which suprisly did not get in trouble because of the guise of church on TV.
Inventor the TV remote – enabled people to be lazier
Sean Taylor
Evil Kenevil.-did not go out with a bang
Kayne West’s mom.
Kurt Vonegut - one day will read his books due to Ron's recommendation.
Richard Jenni who should have done a murder-suicide of a heckler to go down in infamy.

To Die
A Spears, Bob Barker, Louie Anderson, J-Dubbs, Richard Simmons,

Which leads into talk of the Yard Stick of Death! It is an idea that J-Dubbs would have a bullet on said yard stick and would move it closer or farther away from 0 depending on how well his day went. And if the bullet reached zero, he would use it to commit suicide. It would be documented online to attract attention.

5. Buzz Kills
AP Top 10 Stories
Bridge Collapse – people like it because it is as it came from a movie.

"There was no video because no one wants to document being there."

Global warming because people running for office want to scare people.

They then talk about how much they use and wasted.
Everything has an impact on the Earth but it may not necessarily causes global warming.

Chinese poisoning dog and cat food as well as children’s toys.

The Surge which seems to be working because Democrats are not using it as their top issue or because most of the Iraqi people are dead.

Walter Reed


4. Sports of the Front Page
Timmy Hardaway
Isia Washington for calling a homo a fag.
Jim Gondhoy, the NBA official who was caught in part of a scheme to fix games and give away confidential information.
They bring up a good point: Skills are still needed with steroids. No skills are needed for fixed games

Michael Vick and dog fighting and killing. He was punished severely as an example to others not to do the same.
El Jefe doesn’t think it should be a reason to ruin Vick’s life. He laughs at his cats fighting.

3.Going out with a Bang

People did not want to die naturally or by themselves. These were nobodies who wanted to go down because of the perceived media coverage following such a gruesome incident. It gives these murderers incentive to kill because it gives them name recognition for doing bad things. The news also puts a tally up as a score sheet of how these murders have done. People are blood thirsty.

AP voted Cho and “Don’t tase me bro” the top stories of 2007

2. Gay Republicans

Larry Craig, described as a weird and creepy senator, got busted for foot taping in the bathroom, said he would resign, then decided to fight charges and stay in office.

It reminds El Jefe of Jason, a staunch Republican, from college who was ardently anti-homosexual but later on came out of the closet. El Jefe is annoyed because Jason looked like a hypocrite.

Bob Allen is next and was caught trying to pay an under-cover officer to blow him in a restroom at a park. His defense was that he felt threatened and had to do that to prevent from becoming another crime statistic.

Clips of a professor(gay sounding) describing the cruising of homosexuals are played and talked about.

Not Next Worthy
iPhone, election, sub-prime mortgage crisis, California wildfires, illegal immigration, astronaut who wore a diaper or her car ride to hurt a romatic rival, Writer’s Strike. J-Dubs does monologues (very similar to a Than & Sam bit btw) and plans to send those tapes to the late talk shows.

1. Silly Blonde Bitches

Anna Nicole Smith
Paris and her DUI
Britney Spears

This news frenzy consumed us.
Nicole Richie.

We enjoyed beautys falling from grace. These gals need to spend more time cashing in these good years instead of screwing-up.

Chris Crocker with his “Leave Britney Alone” ramblings which lead to a TV deal.

“And people wonder why we need writers”

On Anna Nicole Smith, “She lived the American dream.”

All these blondes are idols to someone.

Look at Hannana Montana.

They have thanked Ron and Fez, Erock, XM, Wiki, E-Lo, O&A, mikey boy & just jon, etc for letting them have their infrequent midnight show on XM 202 and support.

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YiChen BuddhaChrist
Jan 25, 2006
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On the Next! Show on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, El Jefe and J-Dubs talked about The Top Ten Talk Topics of 2007 as well as interviewing YiChen BuddhaChrist in an entertaining and funny way. I can't do most of the jokes justice by the way.

Maybe you can catch their podcasts if you are interested in what they said.

Thank you very much for the excellent recap. I thought the show was great.