Soul Calibur IV (PS3, 360)

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Exclusive console specific characters in the upcoming Soulcalibur IV:

360 = Yoda

Because he's green like the 360!

PS3 = Darth Vader

Because he's black like the PS3!

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Soul Calibur IV trailer being shown at CES:

I hope they don't split it up like that. I have a 360 and I'd much rather be Vader than Yoda.


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I'd rather they ditch the guest characters entirely like in 3 but at least those are pretty fucking badass. A thousand times better than stupid heihachi, link, and spawn. I still can't shake the feeling that this is an elaborate joke though. How could you possibly balance Yoda? You could only hit him with lows...

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I thought both characters were going to show up on both consoles... Unless I'm missing something.

the fanboys have their panties in a bunch about this. Fuck them, this is rather badass.


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UMMM I recall light sabres cutting through metal and shit?


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Yoda sucks ass, I want Vader damn it.
Vader was all hype. He looks cool but all you ever see him do is torture women, choke middle age men, shoot defenseless ships from behind, or murder toddlers and the elderly.

Yoda seems more fun to play just for his voice and the size difference and he bested actual Sith easily.

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I'll probably pick this up, but not if Tekken 6 is already out.

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Box art for SCIV.




How'd your parents die?

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New Soul Calibur IV trailer "Fear and Hope":

1up also had a good interview with the director of Soul Calibur IV and talks about how fighters who turtle and block block block for most of the fight will now see their armor deteriorate and leave themselves wide open for a "Critical Finish" 1-hit kill move.

1UP: Are you worried about fan reaction to the addition of Critical Finish moves? People might equate them to Mortal Kombat's Fatalities...

KS: Critical Finishes are fatal attacks that defeat your opponent in one strike, but I'm not worried that fans won't like them because you can't really abuse them. In order to do a Critical Finish, specific criteria must be met -- only players who block frequently will allow their armor to be destroyed, opening them up to a finishing attack. In past games, when players would turtle it slowed the pace of the match down and made it less fun. Now, they're at a major disadvantage because their opponent will be able to punish them for blocking. We're hoping that it inspires players to play more aggressively, using Guard Impacts and Eight-way running to avoid succumbing to these Critical Finishes. Pulling one of these moves off really fills you with a sense of satisfaction...and even if you're a novice player who gets murdered by one, you'll hopefully be so inspired by how impressive the move looks that you'll be motivated to improve your skills.

1UP: Your team definitely appears to be having fun with these Critical Finish moves...we saw Cassandra's and it involves her planting her butt on your face amid an explosion of giant pink hearts. Will these moves go way beyond what we're used to seeing in Soul Calibur?

KS: They all look really cool, and we are designing these moves in a way that reflects each character's true personality and characteristics. And yes, Cassandra's is very cute and's probably my favorite one in the game, actually!

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