Sound Card - help


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Okay so I built a Windows PC primarily to play Star Wars: The Old Republic and maybe use as a media center.

I got a video card with a HDMI output
turns out for audio to be carried on the HDMI I need a S/PDIF audio header, which my mother board does not have - so I need to get a sound card or another mother board.

I'd like to get a reasonably priced sound card that will handle multi channel audio

any suggestions???


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I use a Sound Blaster X-Fi because it was the cheapest card with an optical ausio out (which I use for my receiver)

It is PCI-Express though.

If you don't have a PCI-E slot, then consider the following

It's only $12 and I have no idea how good it is, but it will likely get the job done.

Also, a lot of sound cards have the SPDIF slot on them so that you can run the cord from it to your video card.


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I do need PCI express

my biggest problem is finding one that I how has SPDIF connectors on it to run the cable to the video card

the descriptions at NewEgg, Tiger Direct, & Amazon just don't say


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