South Korea: U.S. Soldier Receives 6-Year Sentence in **** of Teenager


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South Korea: U.S. Soldier Receives 6-Year Sentence in rape of Teenager


Published: May 9, 2012

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A court in Seoul sentenced an American soldier on Wednesday to six years in prison for raping a South Korean teenage girl last year. The Seoul Central District Court’s sentencing of Pvt. Kevin Robinson follows the sentencing in November of another American private to 10 years in prison for a similar crime. The two cases rekindled anti-American sentiment and prompted American officials to apologize. United States Forces Korea says it is checking whether Private Robinson intends to appeal.

I don't know what a South Korean prison is like, but it can't be good.

Man, if I was in another country, I wouldn't even fart the wrong direction.

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One of the reasons I keep my head low when I go to the US. Can't even **** anymore without everyone getting in a fuss.