Space Invaders and Pong Are Great Games!


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...oops, sorry that was 20 years ago.
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Anyone old enough to remember how lines would form around these games?

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I guess they where great games back then although i was only 3 at the time. Isnt it funny how you can play a video game now and think back to games that where out years ago and say to yourself god how did i even play that.


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Ahhh....the good ol'days.....when Asteroids and Missle Command were around. Then Frogger and Q-bert came out a short while after. I was the Q-bert king at the local arcade.

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I remember my first Atari 2600, That was a pisser. then Nintendo came out, Donkey Kong!!

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If you're going through hell........KEEP GOING!!!
I still have my Atari 2600 up in my attic. I used to own a Telistar system too...god I'm feeling old now
Guido you must feel as old as the dirt in Stingrays sig pic above. heh heh LOL!!!! im just messing with you.