Spacesuit smelling like smoke, alarms NASA


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NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski wears the backpack-style Extravehicular Mobility Unit, or EMU, during an Oct. 28 spacewalk at the international space station. The space agency is looking into a potential problem with the EMU that was encountered during ground-based tests, and until the issue is resolved, future spacewalks are "no-go."
Spacesuit smoke alarm threatens NASA plans
Worries about smell during test on Earth could delay next shuttle launch

HOUSTON - NASA’s already-tight schedule for assembly of the international space station is under new threat, this time because a trainee smelled smoke inside his spacesuit during a pressure-chamber test here on Earth.

Until the event can be explained, plans for two critical spacewalks at the space station are on hold. And without those spacewalks, NASA would have to delay next month's shuttle mission to deliver Europe's long-awaited Columbus space lab.

Such a delay could ripple down next year's tight launch schedule and complicate NASA's plans to finish construction of the space station by the end of 2010. Agency officials are hoping for a better outcome — that is, a quick resolution of the mystery that will preserve the current schedule. much more on MSNBC


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