Special Poetry Slam: "I like making werewolf movies!"


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LDAR, bitch.
Best line ever. (paraphrased)

ANT: Sounds like Chewbacca.

JIM: No, it's Chewleadchipsa. :haha7:


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I want the "I make warewolf movies" as my ringtone.


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"I like making teen werewolf movies"-Micheal J. Fox
My favorite part is when the one with the computer voice says "I fight vampires." - way to go off topic, asshole.

I feel bad for the little guy in the middle - All these schmucks yelling around him; he looks like he just wants to sleep. Also, you got that fat girl on the left who obviously likes Armenian men, because when she hears "werewolf," it makes her think about naked boys. And what's with the crazy black girl? She looks nuts - Is she retarded too or is she just their melodramatic therapist?


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"I like making retard snuff films!"


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Bumped for people who missed these very funny videos.


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Best line ever. (paraphrased)

ANT: Sounds like Chewbacca.

JIM: No, it's Chewleadchipsa. :haha7:

When I heard that tard, I instantly thought to myself that it sounded like Chewbacca, and the second Ant said it outloud I fucking lost it and almost had to pull over. :clap::clap:
God dam I wish Erock's name was William so we could hear "My name is William, I like fingernail polish".


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now that I have seen the video, I want to cut out my looking balls.


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The my bears and my body one,
with ol' pancake head,
makes me wonder how old he is.