Speculation: why did cokelogic think Opie didn't like him?


Your moms box.
What happenned at the end of todays showthat made Opie say to cokelogic to relax and that he still liked him (or some such) ?

Serious answers only.

(cokelogic, please refrain from giving the answer until we've all had a chance to guess)

P.S. I'm guessing a bad response to a gift gone bad:


Psst... your balls are showing...
the answer is that opie pushed cokelogic's lips away while he was trying to moisten up opie's balls... i wouldve been insulted and upset also


A classy cunt that misses MJ
Coke tried to give Opie a cat named JohnJohn...

Tax Kuntz

just being an ass
cokelogic was in one of the videos shitting in a girls mouth.
opie kicked john john the cat in the liver and it died mysteriously

King Jumungus

C*NT... The only thing missing is you.
CokeLogic rebuffed Opie's offer of coming over to the new place to burn a java log


The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
Coke's latest animations don't show Opie with a youthful enough face nor the Carrot-Top abs Opie requires.


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I don't know, but CokeLogic ---- you MUST make a cartoon of Norton's rant as the OSU coach late into the Tuesday's show....that will get a TON of hits - and great coverage for O and A on sites like deadspin. Just make it look like the original....