Spreadable Beer

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Feb 10, 2010

Spreadable Beer Is A Thing, Someone Invented It For Some Reason
By Laura Northrup August 30, 2013

Sure, you can drink beer. If you encase it in dough, you can even deep-fry it. Until now, though, we’ve been unable to spread beer on other foods, having to content ourselves with delicious but non-alcoholic substances like butter or Nutella. No longer.

A partnership between a brewery and a chocolate company in the same Italian town has brought us spreadable beer. The idea allegedly started as a joke, but the chocolatiers realized that they had the expertise to turn the liquid into a creamy substance. You can use it to spread on crêpes or to frost a cake. Both light and dark beers are available.

We haven’t found a US distributor that sells the product, but Selfridges out of the UK does carry it and ship internationally. It will cost you $51 to have one jar delivered to your door, but, you now, being the first person you know to serve beer on toast is priceless. Isn’t it?