Squeegee Teens


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O&A have gotten the teens for their "Fundraiser". ;) ;)


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Damn!! Those girls are pretty fucking hot. Is it me or do all of them have perfect little bodies? When did they come in the studio? Friday? I must have missed that part. Where did you fing that picture? On WNEW.com?

I miss being a teenager. Damn when your a kid you wish you could be a grown up. I ain't old but in my teenaged years I was getting ass like that all the time. I think I still could, I just stopped going out. I am what you would call a hermit. Oh yeah and an Alkie. ;)


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WOW!!! IOHN that is a shocker I would have never thought that.. ;) ;)


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By the WAY i am TOO old to be commenting on how HOT the TEENS are. thanks


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Is this the only pic of them... I thought there were alto taken ???
Well when is this going down? I must be there, if I'm lucky, one of them is single... I can't take this shit no more!!!!