Stalker Patty: What do you think of her?


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Acceptance and U2 tickets. Only one thing is possible though, and she will enjoy that tonight.

I have to give it to the boy's. As bad as they were to her, they gave her U2 tickets and $251.(Norton's gernerous single) :) That's not to shabby for shaving her head. I would shave my testicles and my ass crack for that.


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She looks more like an ant now then ever. They threw her off the show, they banned her from ever comming back, oops their she is again. The true stalker that she is will always come back. Opie might be banging her lol oops sorry Opie, bad joke. :p


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Stalker patty is a fuckin moron.
the bitch would do anything for these guys. i can never see myself do such a thing.. there is no excuse for the crazy bitch she is just retarted.
and I feel no pitty for her sorry to sound cold about it.
you know.. i didnt mind listening to her on the show... but then i saw pictures of her!!!! Now i will have nightmares.. hell my kids kids will have nightmares... by the way who stole her top lip???


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The question should be who will steal her bottom lip.... :eek:


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She looks like something the FBI found in Jeff Dahmers Refrigrator
i agree wwith fofo on this one, i mean not even spaz was put through such torture. the 1 thing i like about the whole stalker patty is when ant imitates her i laugh my ass off.
What 45 yr old woman would shave her head for U2 tickets? Only the queen ant would do such a thing.
A true stalker, and a complete tool.
It is funny when Ant does her voice back to her..(before they hang up on her).


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patty kill any show good show they have ok
:mad: :eek: :mad: :eek: :(