Standard & Poor Hates Black People


Wackbag Staff
Aug 14, 2000
The People's Cube

S&P Hates Black People

Chairman M. S. Punchenko
8/8/2011, 9:27 am

That is, of course, unless S&P changes the rating back to AAA, apologizes to President Obama, and recommends that we borrow more money (along with calling Republicans racist terrorist extremist.)

In the meantime...

S&P is a racist, racist organization in league with Teabaggin’ racist in some unholy alliance to discredit, besmirch, and pull down the first African-American president of these United States of America!

Do you want to know what S&P stands for? S&P stands for Standard and Poor's which means being poor is their standard! How can you trust a credit rating agency that wants making people poor -- and keeping them poor, to boot! -- as their standard!? You can’t, my friends. You can’t trust what S&P has to say!

You want to know what else? Well of course you want to know, I’m an expert! Stop shaking your head and walking away -- you want to hear what I have to say! I heard that S&P use to stand for Slaves and Profits. That’s right -- S&P was all about slavery, profits, and pouring acid on the faces of children, the elderly, and single mothers too! Where did I hear such a thing, you ask? YOU DIDN’T ASK, THAT’S WHAT!

Don’t make me pull out my commemorative Obama White House blackjack, bub! I would hate to do this the Chicago way!

Our mission is to discredit S&P at all cost; blame the Tea Party for our reckless spending and aversion to compromise; and we have to keep blaming George W. Bush for the mess our president inherited.

We also have to convince the country that more spending is the only solution in order to bring down the debt. What do you do when they cut up your credit cards? Easy, you get another one -- and if they won’t issue you one you call them a RACIST.


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Jun 1, 2005
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Wackbag Staff
Mar 24, 2004
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Finally something I can agree with the S&P on!


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May 10, 2007
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The People's Cube rules! Been a frequent reader for years now.