Star of "Bang Bus" series arrested in Florida and charged with... wait for it...


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Adult film star Raul Armenteros charged with 22 counts of animal cruelty after gruesome discovery

A Florida adult film star was arrested earlier this week on animal cruelty charges after cops found goats, roosters, pigeons, guinea pigs and ducks crammed into his van.

Police were called to the van in Miami after someone reported hearing a crying child in a car, according to WPLG.

Instead of a baby, they were shocked to find a mini petting-zoo crammed inside.

"All the animals in the van appeared to be in distress and lacking of water," according to the police report.

One of the goats died later that day.

James Arroyo Jr., 44, and Raul Armenteros - who is known in the adult film community for his role in "Bang Bus" -- were arrested when they showed up at the van 45 minutes later.

They were charged with 22 counts of animal cruelty for letting the animals bake in the hot Florida summer sun, reported.

The men are both being held on $110,000 bond each.
Armenteros is on the right.



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Cops first words?: what the fuck is that,a goat?


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I've seen the guy on the right give Micah Moore a facial. Can't remember the guy on the left from anything, tho.
It's sad that I know exactly who the guy on the right is...