Star trek Voyager Elite Force

can anyone tell me how to get past the first board in 1 player mode? I rescued the dude. But he won't follow me to the place where I have to blow up the coil. once I blow up the coil he gets killed by the borg because he was not with me.....


Yeah, that's right after Bones kicks Spock in the balls. Right after Kirk nails the green bitch.

It's like a sore dick... You can't beat it!
alright I finally got the cheats and the walk thru manual online. I blowing up evrbody now , cool game

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Yeah when i had Kingpin Life of Crime eventually i got stuck on a level and i got the cheats from my friend and just started killing everyone. I liked to set the guy on fire first with the flame thrower and then grab my hand gun and start shooting him while he was running and scream on fire. It was pretty cool.