******Steam Summer Sale 2019***


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Not much worth bothering about. I picked up Poly Bridge Deluxe for $3 and change. I had GTA V on my Wish List so bought that for $15. Rust is under $9 and I was really interested in the visual aesthetics and then realized there wasn't any story and it was just another in the slew of battle royal games. I was waiting for the spring sale that never really happened. I'm rating this sale as "Sucks Ass".

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Really depends on what you're into, I guess. DMC5 is down by 33%. Personally, I picked up a few things.

Enter the Gungeon
Katana ZERO
The Messenger
Stories Untold
Touhou Luna Nights

Most of the above were at least 25% off. Figured wtf.


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I just got Braid. It was supposed to be really good and was made by the same guy who did The Witness which I have liked. Albeit maddening at times