Stephen King Appreciation

Jimmy talking about King the other day got me really in the mood to start reading a tun of his books....Can anyone recommend?


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I forget which book it was in but, check out "Survivor Type"'s what "Castaway" should have been.
I Tried ordering a bunch of King books off of amazon last night and alot of them were insanely cheap but fucked me over in shipping so I said fuck it....I'll get them at a library or something.


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i liked- Rose Madder.
not his best book but the wife beater in that is classic.he beats her so bad she has "protect and serve" marks on her face from him punching her in the face with his police academy ring still on his finger.


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The Stand and It - possibly two of the greatest books ever written.

Also love Desperation.


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Salem's Lot is my favorite.

I can't believe lil jimmy liked Insomnia. It started out great, but gradually turned to shit. The end was a mess....kinda like the Dark Tower series.

Get the short story compilations:

Skeleton Crew
Night Shift
Different Seasons
Four Past Midnight
Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Everything's Eventual

All of them are excellent, and if you don't like one story, there's (usually) a shitload more to choose from.

The book Carrie is decent, but the storytelling technique is irritating and sometimes hard to follow.

IT fucking rules...even the kiddie gang bang near the end that makes no sense.

There may or may not exist a pdf file that has all of his work up until the last Dark Tower book, if anyone is interested, PM me.


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"IT" was the first SK book I read....scared the balls off me, great read.


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I like almost every book of his, including his short stories. The only one that I didn't care for was 'The girl who loved Tom Gordon'.


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I used to read King all the time, it has been a while since I have, though.
I"ve never been a big fan. At least not of the moives anyway. I've enjoyed a few. Shawshank, Carrie, maybe a few others. That being said after listening to Jimmy the other day he really peaked my interest in giving a few of the books a read.


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Of course the Dark Tower series, but be prepared to finish it. Wasn't really happy with the ending, but getting there was amazing.
Here's my other favorites of his:
i) The Long Walk - short story, probably one of the best I've read
ii) Cell - really surprised me, good read
iii) Any of the Bachman books - they are all good
iv) The Stand
v) Needful Things - a must read
vi) From a Buick 8 - I really liked this one, though a lot of people didn't


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Cell was excellent
I also liked Desperation.


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By far, the Stand to me is his Opus. I was in, I think, the 8th grade, when I read it and the story just blew me away. He later released an unabridged edition which added an additional 100 or so pages.

While I liked most of the Cell, the ending left me wanting for a better closure. It was like he ran out of ideas and just ended it.

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"The Stand" absolutely rules as one of the best epic stories I've ever read. If you're going to read just one this is it. The unabridged version is probably near 1,500 pages (just guessing) but I couldn't put it down. I was really let down at the end not because it sucked I just didn't want the story to end.

"IT" was a great read and highly reccomend it.

"Needfull Things" : I just decided to pick up a book at random and this really got me hooked. Excellent.

Those are my top three but I've probably read well over a dozen of his books and aside from "Dolores Claiborne" I thought they were all worth the time.

Just finished Desperation and thought it was a good read it just seemed to me a bit of re-hashing the same old formula ala The Stand albeit with a twist. Still worth it if you haven't read many of his books before.

Agree with the above posters who reccomend his short story compilations if you're not into marathon reading these will entertain.


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Definitely The Stand
Bag of Bones
Needful Things


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Can't believe I forgot about Needful Things. That's probably my second favorite. Just stay far away from the movie.

I own almost every book that came out before 2003, and haven't read anything that's come out since then.

Not really sure why.


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THE STAND, abso fuckinglutely had me hooked after one chapter. I went to my parents basement where I knew my sister had some King books after just watching The Shining and I found THE STAND instead and sat on the floor and started reading it. An hour later I brought it up stairs and read more and went to bed waking up wanting to read more. His character development is awesome and he tells great stories. Sometimes I don't care for the off the wall horror stuff he does, but THE STAND is a very cool and not off the wall crazy horror story but a very good tale of good and evil.

IT too, just for the character development alone. I've read more King than I can remember, because it has been a while, and sadly, like music, your tastes change, or you just don't read as much.

Enjoy. He's brought great reading pleasure to my life.


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Yeah, Needful Things was fantastic, the movie was awful though.


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..... His character development is awesome and he tells great stories.
Thank you sir, one of the main reason that draws into a book. You start of and pull for a character and then he turns out bad or, you don't really care for a character and they turn out good. He creates people you can relate to and then plays with you're emotions about them, one way or another. Brilliant writing.


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not sure if you guys have read his collaboration with peter straub but, The Talisman and its sequel Black House are great reads


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I never was a huge fan of King.

I have heard King compared to Joseph Conrad who (100 years ago) was huge. Today most people only know about a couple of his works (Heart of Darkness, The Sea Wolf, The Ni**er of Narcissus etc). Conrad is still considered a great writer but most of his stuff has not aged well.


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I think I have read just about every book he has every written. He is by far my favorite author.
Some one's that weren't mention that I loved were:
-The Shining (I loved the movie and the book equally, but there are somewhat different...especially ending wise)
-Gerald's Game....fucking creepy
-Dolores Claiborne...more realistic, less supernatural
-Dream catcher....duddits!
-Tommy Knockers...aliens
-The Dark Half
-The Dead Zone...the politician reminded me a bit of Pat Buchanan.
-The Dark Tower Series were brilliant, but I wouldn't start with those. ( I can only picture Clint Eastwood as Roland)

If I had to recommend a Stephen King to start with, I would say "Needful Things. " It's brilliant and gives you a real feel for his style of writting and character development.


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I heard that The Mist was a novella? I don't remember seeing it anywhere