Stone Cold on Jay Leno tonight..

Austin is gonna be on Jay Leno tonight Wed at 11:30pm EST. Big night for the WWF with Vince going to be on HBO and Austin on Leno.


I speak the human language
When you say tonight you mean tomorrow right? You keep scaring. Making me think I missed the show. So it's wed. night at 11:30pm right?

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Yes Wednesday. I just say tonight cause its really Wednesday morning and i dont want anyone to think i mean Thursday.


I speak the human language
cool bro..i hear no offense. I get confused cause i use to be an insomniac. So when i use to stay up all night i would not know what to call it today or tomorrow..lmao..oh my god I've gone cross-eyed..(austin powers reference)..peace
Austin was drunk. heh heh LOL. The funniest thing was at the end of his interview he says to Heather Graham that he didnt go to acting school but he went to wrestling school and they told him to masterbate before a big match.