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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) — Authorities say a Fort Wayne woman faces neglect charges for allegedly beating her son with a hammer because he ate her food.

Thirty-two-year-old Chandra Greene was charged Wednesday with three counts of neglect of a dependent.

The Journal Gazette reports that court records say a child welfare caseworker who went to Green's residence to investigate a tip that the middle school-age son had been hit with a hammer found the boy with a head injury and the home filthy and without power.

The boy told authorities at a hospital that his mother had struck him with a hammer on his leg, arm, head and between his eyes.

The boy's sister told officials his brother told her "he got a whooping because he ate all of his mom's food."



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Hardly a challenge here:

Chandra Greene

beating her son with a hammer because he ate her food.

So black.


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Mom who beats kid with hammer for eating her food = not only black, but that special type of hardcore ghetto black. blech.


I can't think of anything funny.
I wonder if it was fried chicken and watermelon? Too racist or just enough?