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Well we got to hear five songs today off of STP's new album. It sounds pretty good. Opie is just likes to be a troublemaker. The truth is now I will be first in line to buy the album, from the samples I heard on the show today. I don't think STP themselves would really care, but it's the record company that gets all bitchy about it.

I just hope this doesn't hurt there new relationship with the record companies. They were just starting to get all the cool concert tickets. If anything what they did today will sell more album's so why should the be punished. Well that's my opinion.
I dont think there gonna get into any trouble. I missed parts of the show Mav did they say they where in big trouble or anything?


I speak the human language
No they never said they were in trouble, but it always seems to happen when they comeback from vacation or a weekend. Opie introduced it as "Hey guys, you wanna get in trouble today?". So let's just hope "the powers that be" take it as a gift instead of what it was, which is Opie enjoying being a troublemaker. It makes for good radio, and he knows it. :D

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I don't see how they would get in trouble for that. Like you said it will probably help record sales. Besides the radio station down here has been playing new stuff from the album for the last week.
Yeah i heard that part where Opie says yeah you want to get in trouble today and i said oh no. I dont think they will get into trouble maybe talked too. I just wasnt sure cause i missed alot of the show.


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I'm in agreement with you guys. It's probably going to be okay. Now that I think about it, remember when they played the Metallica song off the MI:2 album, they didn't really get in trouble for it. The only thing they got was grief from the record companies. I don't think management will be all that pissed, but the record companies are dicks about certain things. They have recently been recieving cudo's from the record companies, I just hope they don't lose all the cool tickets they have been getting lately. But overall I agree with you guy's, it's probably just going to be forgotten about.

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I think that syndication will take care of those petty differences.With over 20 markets on the line infinity will do more to keep them happy;ie... being able to talk about the big nosed fag jew.


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welcome Joey hopes that you like wackbag have fun here :D
That STP stuff was real good, Kinda like the old STP definitly getting the CD

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