Strange Google Error


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Earlier this week I went to the google search page and all it displayed was a single pixel on a white background. It had a title on the margin (1x1) and that was it. I could login thru and and access my account, but would just return that single pixel on all of my browsers. I booted up my other machine and was giving it certificate errors. Android was fine. Being paranoid, I updated all my security software and ran Malware Bytes and Avast! scans.
Everything has been fine, but once in a while I'll get certificate errors, but running a DNS Flush seems to fix it. Anyone see this before?


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Google did shit the bed a couple days ago (yesterday or the day before, not sure). I saw some posts on reddit about the outage. Maybe thats the same thing or at least a related issue?


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Try google directions mapping any street in Tunkhannock Pa. to Tyler Hospital. It gives you directions to Reese Florist..that specializes in funeral flowers.


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CCleaner and wipe everything out usually fixes a lot of google errors. I use a Candadian VPN and even when I it isn't turned on Google still thinks I'm .ca and I can't stop it. CCleaner fixes it right up.


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That single pixel is the only information that Google won't give to the NSA about you.