Strangest place you ever had sex???


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on a message board. It was me and babybunni and we had a private little get together in the wrestling forum late night. Ofcourse I deleted it before anyone can see. Oh wait you mean real sex right? Sorry. A movie theatre first the oral than the effing. It was easy too. Cause we went to see Top dog with chuck norris. Nah actually it was an interesting movie. It was the one with denzel washington and gene hackman in the sub. Do you remember it? Well anyway


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when I was 19 I went down the shore for a week with my friends and we rented a house...
We had a outside shower... and this guy I know Luis... he was 17 and we did it in the outside shower... it was odd but yet a cool experiance :D


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In my backyard in the snow...very cold...frost bite on the hiney lmao...and geeze mav I told you not to tell n e one...way to go buddy lol

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In the butt! (that old gag)

and the first one to say "What was his name?" will have to find me a jury.
lets see

the roof of my old house in jan in 25 degree weather

in a packed bar in front of everyone (they didnt know)

shell station bathroom

orol under the self serve window in the shell station while serving customers ( i used to work ther wwhen i was 17)

in the back of my old durango in right in front of the hottest bar in the neiborhood on the hottest night

im sure theres more but Im so drunk right now i cant even type good nighyt


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Originally posted by Stingray:
lets see

the roof of my old house in jan in 25 degree weather
well God Damn Stingray.... Atleast you were warm hee hee gotta love having some ass doin that now
:D :D
  • Hotel bathroom, almost got a concussion...
  • Backseat of a car
  • On top f the car
  • A closet in my old high school

I can't remember them all, but my newest project is to bang Fofo in Journal Square! Ha ha, that old gag! :D
Holy Shit bang fofo in Journal Square. Fofo is there something you have not told us???
Where in Journal Sq how bout on the escalators or inside Deli Plus or the Tex-Mex Express.


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Lol nah silly Jay I never did it there Like I said the only place was the outside shower down the shore... that was it... Nut case you are to ask :D
I was thinking over by the police precint is and somewhere by the main bus terminals... And Fofo? Wear that black g-string that I love so much, will ya? :D :D ;) ;)


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Umm I would but I dont own any black G strings.... :) personaly I hate those things cause they go all the way up your ass and it sux.. you should Know how it feel Right Soat since you always wanted to wear it :D :D :D
*clucks tounge* Touche... That's a low blow... Spread your legs and show us your thong! :D