Streak of bad luck


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About a month ago my dad had a stroke, I was contacted by my job and left for the day and the next day, then about a week age my wife needed to be rushed to the hosp where I sat by her side through the ioeration. Wednesday I left work at regular time and late that evening I had to bring her to the hosp once again. where again I sat their in the room till she was ok. I got home and found a message on my machine telling me if I didn't call work by 12:00 noon I was fired, and I was, due to the fact that I didnt get home from the hosp till 3 ish. well anyone out their need a hard working man with three kids , two dogs, and two cats??? I am not laughing right now but their is a place of business that needs a lesson tought to them.
Firat of all, my best to Jrsygrl and your father. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

I have been through this shit too, but second hand. Not to get to personal but my girlfriend has lost her job twice in similar experiences as yours. One when she was pregnant. She had a trouble pregnancy and was bed ridden the last six months. After the birth she took the normal 4 weeks off and then tried to return to work. When she did she was informed that her job had been filled and she was offered a job of "equal value" Of course it was about a two hour drive away and didn't make sense with a newborn. Now she just went through some BS where she was injured at her last job and unable to work. They offered her light duty, but that was still too demanding. The workman's comp doctors suck and won't help her and eventually her job told her that they had to terminate her for job abondonment. It was a load of shit.

My advice to you is to look into getting an attorney and suing for worngful termination. Unfortunately, no matter what you do you probably won't get your job back and if you sue you won't want to go back there anyway. For future referrence look into the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). It is a great law that allows you to take time off in case of injury or to care for a family member. When my son was born I used this law to take the first two months of his life off and not worry about losing my job. There are pitfalls to this law though. Like what happened to my girlfriend after the birth. The company doesn't have to keep your job, they only have to offer you a job of "equal stasis and value". So they could just offer you the same job you have but only in Boise, Idaho or something.

Well, just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Best of luck. Wish I could help. Let me know if I can anyway. I am sure you will find a new job soon.


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Thanks, I wouldnt go back to that hell hole and if they begged me I would tell them &%%%$#$#@#$%%@!@# or give me a five dollar raise.
I hope I can find another job soon. Any offers out their???????????????????
Harry :)