Strikeforce - Not Going Out of Business Card - Melendez v Masdival -12-17-11

Yeah we all missed.....

KJ Noons and a jobber, or technically it was jobber vs jobber.

A man in a wig beat up a small asian woman in about 30 seconds

And then melendez and masdival had a five round fight that I didn't enjoy even watching the first 2 rounds in fast forward and the last 3 in five second increments of each round. It might have been a great fight, I don't know, I don't care.

Get Melenedez out and use strikeforce as a minor league and get that shit off tv.
:) SF has one good fight left and that's the Barnett fight. After that SF will get worse than Bellator.


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It was a decent card. KJ had an awesome combo in the second round. Gegard ***** for 2 rounds and Ovince redeemed himself in the third. Female fight was the only finish, and it was spectacular. Main event was the drizzling shits. Masvidal wasn't too keen on engaging, Melendez was winning the standup and kept at it, rode it out for 5 rounds.
oh yeah, i forgot about the Moussasi fight. I blocked it out because the horrific announcers kept calling the other guy OSP.

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I tuned in too late and missed all 15 seconds of the Cyborg fight. Main Event was totally forgettable.

Enough with Strikeforce, I'm stunned it's still operating.