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Already looked. lol

It's an AP photo, not a NASA one.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
if your feeling rich im sure you could buy it from ap
Well you could pay for the photo. The photogs that work for AP are pretty cool. I've hung out with them on sidelines of sporting events. They can be assholes too though, especially if they think they're better than you and you're getting in their way...

You can order a print from AP for personal use. A 10'' print is $39 unframed.

It's not too bad of a price really for a cool photo. I charge $20 for an 8''x10'' but $15 if they buy more than one.


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Thats a cool photo. I'm working on Cape Canaveral for a few weeks and got to see the launch live and up close for the first time in my life. Incredible experience when the soundwaves hit you a few seconds after it leaves the pad. Just wish my camera had a better zoom.

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A friend through work got me into the Administrator's guests group last summer for the 115 launch. Unfortunately, lightning and a tropical storm meant I didn't get to see it go up.

But hanging out on the pad and behind the scenes was awesome.

I have yet to see one in person though.


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Another boring shuttle thread!! Change the website! Change the website!
All I can picture is that flag really only being 6" tall and the photographer just holding it out in front of the camera to get that shot.


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Good picture. I wouldn't mind a copy also if someone can find it.