Stuck with Hackett

Has anyone else seen this? It's like Survivorman meets Junkyard Wars meets Mythbusters.

It's this nerdy ass black dude with dreads who goes to some remote location and uses the random shit he finds around him to accomplish some random thing. I've just watched two episodes and so far he's made a full-on fireworks show from random scrap from an abandoned munitions depot, and built a "dirt boat" out of some weird desert junk yard. He calls the shit he finds "obtanium"... It's so weird.

The guy's really brilliant, but he's a fucking lazy-eyed kook. I'm seeing it on the Science Channel, but VOD is playing Discovery promos, so I don't really know where to find it. If you're into any of these type of shows, though, this dude's amazing.
p.s. The powerful oxidizer he wasn't allowed to tell you about in the fireworks episode was 30%-40% H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, which can easily be found online. The stuff in your medicine cabinet is anywhere from 1.5%-3%. 30-40% will burn your fucking skin off, so be warned.
Ok, this fucker just created a razor with a beer bottle and shaved his face with it. The episode prior he created a fast-food process using a lathe, thermite, a potato gun, and a hot water heater. Unbelievable.


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I don't know if it's worse that you made the reference or that I immediately knew it was Joe's last name.