Stupid OnA Google Alerts

I fucking hate it when I check my email and see an Opie and Anthony Google News Alert and it turns out to be the absolute farthest thing from OnA.

It's been happening for a year or so, but I complain now.
I'm sure a lot of people are Ona alerted, wanting to read what a paper or magazine thinks or if they get their faces in the news.

I hate when I click and it's something like ANTHONYmichael hall to star in OPera.

was condemned in 2003 under the Democratic administration of Anthony "Unk" DaRos. It was subsequently seized in 2004 by the Opie administration. ...

( I do like the sound of Opie Administration though)

Can't they do a better job filtering? Or include more keywords or something?
Stupid Google.


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when will people understand...the internet DOESN'T work.


Opie And Anthony Always Win In The End
The only thing local or internet news sites say about o and a is that they are dopey and opie and dumb and dumber etc,,,if O and A ever make a major magazine or a major newspaper believe me they will mention it before the article comes out...also you have this site where the news hit's fast as well.

no need to do the whole google O A thing

Kris_LTRMa's Ma
Why do a google alert? If it's anything important, the bbboys will mention it on air.

Problem solved :)