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with Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson

January 12, 2002 -- Shock jocks torment 'Hero'

ROBERT Clary, best known for playing Corporal Louis LeBeau on the classic sitcom "Hogan's Heroes," won't be calling Opie and Anthony's talk show anytime soon.

Clary, 75, phoned the WNEW duo on Thursday to plug his new autobiography "From the Holocaust to ‘Hogan's Heroes' " - which details his amazing journey from his childhood in a Nazi concentration camp to Hollywood stardom in the '60s.

But when Clary called the show, the unsuspecting Frenchman was immediately met with an insulting assault of gay innuendo, offensive sound effects and, later, even a speech by Adolf Hitler.

When Clary first called the afternoon drive-time chatfest, he was put on hold while Opie and Anthony implied to the audience that his "Hogan's Heroes" character was gay.

"Remember LeBeau, the French guy who always made the strudel for Schultz, so he'd let him do things?" Anthony asked.

"The gay guy?" Opie replied.

"French, gay, whatever," Anthony said.

Once Clary was on the line, Opie asked him, "Were you the gay guy on ‘Hogan's Heroes'?"

An outraged Clary sputtered, "Oh, Opie, don't give me that dumb thing. Just stop it with the gay stuff. There were no gay guys. Shut up, Opie!"

Opie then went on to bait Clary, who is married, about his own sexuality. Anthony pretended to be outraged by Opie's comments and kept Clary on the line by asking him about "Hogan's Heroes."

Clary's temperature rose when Opie began playing audio sound bites that called him a "faggot." Anthony apologized and told Opie to shut up, and Clary calmed down enough to describe his time in the concentration camp. But midway through the harrowing tale, Opie played a canned laugh track - and Clary hung up.

A producer managed to get Clary back on the phone a few minutes later. After Anthony again apologized, Clary warned him: "I am not a moron, I'm not a kid. [Opie] can have his joke with someone else, but I'm not going to put up with it!"

Clary returned to his Holocaust saga and talked about family members who had been deported from France and forced into the gas chambers. But even while he was relaying the story, the shock jocks played audio of a pingpong game, followed by snippets from a Hitler speech. With that, Clary hung up for good.
Michael Messina, a spokesman for Madison Books, Clary's publisher, branded Opie and Anthony's antics "anti-Semitic" and "outrageous and dangerous hate."