Suggestions for Christmas Week vacation spot


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Hey kids,

Looks like the Mr. and I will be going on vacation out of the Northeast around Christmastime as the family has decided that we will be getting together earlier in the month (?!? don't ask). So, the ideal climate will be warm and sunny with ample adult beverages, gaming not necessary but not a bad thing, and can also be a good "chill" location. Direct flights from NYC/Newark preferred. Not on a slumlord's budget but not on an Anthony budget either. We don't have kids.

Vegas is probably your best bet. There are options for every budget. And if you're a member of Harrah's/Caesars Total Rewards getting comped rooms is pretty easy.

Otherwise, San Diego is nice that time of year.


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I'd agree with Vegas if it's the week before Christmas. It's the deadest time of the year in a lot of places so you can find great deals. The week after is full occupancy and room rates and everything gets jacked up.