Suggestions for ESD&Casey's Baby Names.


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I am thinking that "Arch Stanton" would be a nice name.

ESD was supposed to be name Julie


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What about Jameson? This why when ESD yells out "I love Jameson" while he is drunk the kid will feel good...


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Big Boy Made a Doodie...



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well, we need a black name since the kid isn't Dave's.

I say Melroy


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i think i remember dave saying he'd like to name his child Couch...sounds great to me Couch Mcdonald


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Thats what I'm sending them for the baby shower



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They gotta go with Patrick... kid will never do anything wrong in grandpa's eyes, and that can be good for the parents too ;)


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If I posted any of my ideas, I suspect a mod would ban, and remove my access to the site so fast. So, I'll stay mum.


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Since Ronnie B paid for the wedding, the ring, and is most likely going to be paying for the rearing of this love child I think a sponsor title should be added...

Lil Dicky Mcdonald brought to you By XM202 or
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