Suggestions for Opie and Anthony's Green Show


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Today Anthony admitted to watching "An Inconvenient Truth" and how global warming doesn't matter. Opie asked what they should do to do a "Green" show. And how hybrid cars are an extravagant waste of resources. Dru Boogie's Hybrid remix was also played.

What should Opie and Anthony do on their "Green Show"?

Brokeback Jimmy

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When I was a lad in high school, we often referred to feeling "green" when you were either hit or kicked in the nuts.

So, I would like to see them bring someone into the studio and kick him in the junk.

I nominate Black Earl...


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2 Girls; 1 Cup is all about recycling.:D


Yeah....Wait What?
I have green poopies.....

Lingerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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I think that we should all run our sinks for hours and keep our lights on for the whole day.


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Have the guy from What the Hell Is That Part 2 with the infected scalp boil come in and make Bob Kelley rub the squeezin's on his Donald Pleasance visage to make greenface.


Why can't us?
How about they have guests on the show with the last name green...wacka wacka

Arc Lite

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I am so sick of this green crap that NBC has been spouting for the past two weeks. Love what 30 Rock did with it though.

If the show does something Green, it should definitely having something to do with shit or puke. Maybe the egg-nog drinking contest should consist of green egg-nog.


"café con piernas"
Have Op or Jimmie give "Kermit the Frog" an ass-licking.


Mrs. Fuckin Funny
they could all buy hybrids and suck each others dicks?


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I have an idea. They should do the show on St. Patrick's Day.


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The winner of green jello wrestling should receive, as a trophy, an oil covered baby seal.


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a bio-degradable looks like a throne and has an enzyme at the bottom that "eats" the waste.

Big Boy can make a big doodie!


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They should stop using the electric lights in the studio. Get oil lanterns and harpoon Erock. His blubber should light the studio for months on end.

(I'm sorry Eric. That was mean, hurtful, and I have room to talk.)

Party Rooster

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I think they should just recycle material like AIDS jokes, mob movie quotes, and tranny references.

It's ok Opie, Winky Winky...;)

The Godfather

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Does Dru Boogie have a website? Somewhere I can download that hybrid mashup?


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have rich voss in so he can recycle old jokes.


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They should paint Sam green, string him up and use him as a pinata. Let's see if Steve C can get the candy out of his head.
Linger Longer!