What makes a person wanna do this? Did anyone here ever think of killing themselves or even try too?


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I have no clue what makes a person want to do it.... But there are some people in my life that I would like to be killed or them to kill themselves
What happens after you commit suicide? Do you think the person who killed themself feel better are they happier? Do you think they regret doing it but its too late.


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I dont know I had 2 good friends in my life that killed themselves and it fucking sux big time and not a cool thing...
One of them went infront of a train...
and the other one blew his brains out... mind you they were both fucking Jolly happy guys and never showed anything of depression..
It sux I so miss them more than anything it still kills me till this day :( :(


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I tried to kill myself a few years back. I ended up having to go through alot of counsiling and alot of it just made things worse...I'm glad to say that I am happy that I didn't succeed...but at that moment in time, it seemed like the right thing to do. I know now that killing yourself is never the answer because you don't know what tomorrow,next week, or next year for that matter will bring.
Originally posted by FOFOLINA:
mind you they were both fucking Jolly happy guys and never showed anything of depression..
Sorry to hear that Fofo but in reality the signs of depression are very difficult to see. Some of the most serious cases of depression are suffered by people who seem to have it all or who appear to be very happy. I know that when I was going through the worst parts of my depression everyone around me thought I was the life of the party and having a great time. Going out, getting drunk and living it up. It seemed to everyone around me that I was having a great time, but I was really just lonely and depressed inside. Not much you can do for friends who are depressed. It is a horrible downward cycle and suicide becomes an option when they feel that there is nothing else to do. It is never the answer but when you are so lost and stuck in your own depression you don't realize it is not the right thing to do. It seems like the only thing that will make everything better. You get into such a negative mindset and don't realize the damage it will do to the people around you. All you want to do is make the sadness go away. That is why suicide happens. Until you have faced the deamon and walked away from it is hard to understand why people would do it.


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I hear ya Soad
It is very sad that had to happen
the 1 guy was next to me in class on a friday and he tells me see ya on monday
and I find out he went in front of the trainthat Friday... it sux I knew him since I was 10 he died at the age of 17....
and the other one was 28 I saw him at my nephews B-day party he was so happy and everything... I loved Him like my brother he was the coolest person in the world... then My brothers friend came to the house to tell us this and it fucking killed me... it was so sad this shit has to happen I know it sux more than life itself I hope that no one ever goes thru the pain of losing someone like that....
I dont care how depressed i could get but i would never do anything like that.


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ever heard the saying...desperate times call for desperate measures....think about that IOHN...because there is one time or another in everyones life where they contomplate's either you follow through with it get caught or succeed...or you never even try.
Suicide is just plain stupid, I know depression gets to you, Ive been there and back (clinical depression, anxiety, mood swings) BUT if you think about it even when your in the blackest of depression, there is always something that could change your whole life in a second.. and you never know when these things are going to happen.. it could be a new car , a game, a new job, a new girlfriend/boyfriend, an affair (as wrong as an affair may seem, its better than being dead) even the internet. You never know what great thing may be just a day away.. Your only here once, through good times and bad.

If anyone is thinking of this ... GET HELP IMMEDIATELY.... go to counseling, get a shrink, call a suicide hotline - get the phone number here--> It's Free.. whatever you have to do to stay alive!.. People care about you and you'll only fuck up THEIR lifes.

shit, I could never kill myself no matter how bad things get, How would I jerk off if I'm dead? Things always get better, but once your dead, your gone, and you aint coming back.

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Believe it or not. This thread has just helped me. Because of you sting. I have thoughts about it all the time. I am strong in the pride department. That's why I've never gone ahead and tried it.
Well Said Stingray. I agree if anyone is thinking of it just go get help or try talking to someone.