Mav, I know you got to see the PPV first this morning at 8am, How was it??? Heh heh LOL that old gag ;)


I speak the human language
Lmao. Hysterical bro. It was awesome. :D

It really should be good tonight. I am looking foward to this one. I read in the paper on friday that someone new is going to join the WWF/Alliance. It didn't go into who, but it said "Blackjack brown reveals the newest member to be joining the WWF/alliance at Summerslam" So we shall see.
How was it Mav??? How was a ppv tonight?

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I speak the human language
^^^ I think that's what you meant to ask.

The show was good. Very enjoyable. The only gay part was the Stone cold/Angle match. I just didn't like how they ended it. Anyway, I can get into the whole thing but I won't, it just blew. Raw should be good, it always is the night after a PPV.