Superbad guys on O&A (Aug 8th show)


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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. Does anyone know a place I can download the interview with the guys from Superbad from O&A's Aug 8th show? I went to Audible, its only $3.00 but I rither just get the interview and not the rest of show. If I can't, then I guess this will have to do. Also I can't find out how to get those Audible shows on disc. The few I have will not write to a CD. I am trying to put together a best of for a friend that doesn't have XM (yet) and can't listen to the show. I hope to get some stuff on disc that he would like and that in turn will make me want XM!
Any help?

Razor Roman

I think the audible stuff is copy protected, so you can't burn it as audio to a disc. Honestly not sure about getting around the protection on those, but I'm sure if you googled hard enough you'd find something.


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anyone have audio of the Ken Burns interview. My freind wants to hear it. All i really need is the FM side of that show on a podcast, and ill be able to put it into a MP3 file